Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sexy or what?

Soooo...Bryan took Mom's place as the primary chorister on Sunday.  In our ward, every fifth Sunday during the year all the auxiliaries get to meet together for the third hour and the youth take charge over the primary.  Bryan got to plan and carry out singing time with the kids and is modeling his "silly hat" he used as punishment for Mom having to do more work in the planning process then she was supposed to:>).  I think he was sad to take it of he just won't admit it! It was a very fun singing time.  Bryan always does great with the little ones.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ella Baby

Gracie Girl

Haven is doing a joy school with some LDS moms in our area.  Well kind of in our area since we live so far away from everything.  She is a very energetic little girl who loves to be social and this has quickly become a great outlet for all of us.  She starts her dance class on the eighth of September and asks everyday if today is her dance class day yet.  With brothers all in school all day this year, Haven and Payten are playing together so well.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Senior Year Already!

Bryan.  Bryan.  Bryan.  Bryan is a SENIOR this year!  He is really loving driving himself to school and Mom and Dad are loving Bryan driving himself to seminary at 6:30 AM!  He has a full schedule trying to squeeze in his graduation requirements, pass his TAKS tests and still do all of the choir stuff he wants to do.  By the way, if you haven't seen the youtube video of B singing at a Barber Shop concert, go to "svhs 6 for the longest time" and catch a glimpse. We are all trying to soak up as much of him as we can.  We realize the time seems short and then our 6' tall baby will start his new life.  We are so thankful to say what an amazing man he is becoming!

Rylan Starting Third Grade

Rylan started third grade and believes he got the most coveted teacher of the school!  Rylan is very very very very excited to be back in school.  He absolutely loves to learn and is bright to boot.  He is getting ready for soccer and is head deep into the cub scouting thing too.  He also takes pride in being the second biggest brother and is in training to move up a rank in  a year and a half when B goes on his mission!

Trevan's First Day of First Grade

Trevan started first grade this year.  He is a super fun guy who makes friends very easily.  He seems to have a lot of that "All-American Boy Charm" and was excited to see all of his friends again.  He is the best big brother with Brayden.  I was so pleased to see him helping Brayden find his class and would not leave him until he was sure his teacher had him. He has a big heart!

Brayden joining the kindergarden jungle

Brayden started kindergarden this year.  He did a half day in a pre-k program last year so he could have a head start with socializing in big groups but this switch to all day has been a challenge.  He really enjoys his teacher but has let me know that he wishes school started at "something like 10 or something!"


First day of school for the elementary boys.  They were all very excited and happy to be going.  It kind of made me question if I'm a happy or fun Mother when I realized how happy they were to be leaving me for 9 hours!  The bus comes at 6:42 AM so it was still a little dark outside.