Sunday, September 28, 2008

Il est fini!

We are finished! We had our primary program today and it went very well. All of the boys and many others in our primary memorized their lines and almost everyone in our small primary had a solo to sing and they all did it. Even ones we thought probably wouldn't. Rylan and I sang "A Child's Prayer" and thank heavens my 8 year old could carry me. Trevan sang the second verse of "When Jesus Christ Was Baptized" with two of his little classmates and Brayden sang his line, "Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear." All of it was so cute. At the end of the program I glanced over all the primary children and teared up as I felt their amazing spirits and testimonies. It was either that or thankful that my work was done; for one more year at least! Honestly, they truly do teach me so much every week as I'm blessed to be their chorister. It is my favorite calling I've ever had. So now I was thinking, with my kids we have 15 primary programs down and only 10 more to go :~) P.S. Thanks for all of your help Auntie Eliza. We couldn't have done it without you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

And it starts

Soccer, soccer and more soccer. It's that time of year and we are all ready for it. We tried Brayden in it last year but he was much more fascinated in how the bench was stuck in the ground and "what the heck made that ground soft enough to suck in the flag sticks". Tevan has played a couple of seasons but prefers the baseball in the spring route and has also asked us if he could do gymnastics this year. We are still trying to figure out how to make that happen. Soooo, Rylan is our soul soccer star this year which makes game days and practice schedules much more relaxed. There was a time when I said I was going to make all the boys play the same sport because I thought there was no way to work out separate schedules. Saying that now, I hear how ridiculous that sounds. I guess it really was just wishful thinking. You've heard it before from a thousand Moms but I'll make it 1,001. Each of my children really are sooooooooooo different and I'm still learning to value and foster that. It definitely keeps parenting more exciting. So now we have Rylan in his first season of the big fields, traveling game schedules and playing real positions. (instead of the instinctive everyone running on top of each other and kicking each other's shins more than the ball, ah the days!) They have him playing striker. These are the pictures from his first game which they won 3-1. But who's keeping score? Oh yeah. We're allowed to do that this year too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Group Hug

Are those really all mine? Do any of you ever have one of these moments when it truly catches you off guard? It usually takes a still frame shot like one of these to hit me. Thankfully this one hit just the right spot. It was Friday night and the kids were dog piling on Bryan. You know what I really mean is Bryan was letting them grab, poke, tickle and stomp all over him. The great part is when they all think it is fun and no one goes away crying. Thanks for the entertainment B. You're the greatest big brother ever.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevan

Seven years old! We love you big guy. Every picture you paint and color. Every tumble or cartwheel. Every silly practical joke. O.K. Maybe not every one of those but definitely every laugh and smile and kind hearted gesture. Life with you is so much more entertaining. He wanted an underwater ocean cake which Mom is admitting she made herself. The poor guy didn't know what he wanted for a gift so we took him to Toys R Us and let him pick something out himself. He was very cautious with his decision and very thoughtful in asking with each prospective gift if it was too much money. He finally decided on an ATM for his money and an arcade style basketball game that hangs on the door. (It's the hanging on the door part that makes it cool. That and the funky Sponge Bob face). It was on the way to the store that he asked me, 'Mom, what is Toys R Us?" Mark another point down in the deprived child slot! Nana, Grandpa and Auntie Rachael also took him to Hobby Lobby, which he is familiar with, and he made a haul on all sorts of stuff. Trevan never gets tired of doing art projects. We've decided he's an abstract painter with his own way of thinking rather than following any pre-printed rules of colors and lines. It's fun to watch him. After the party clean up he convinced dad to open up the wood carving kit gift. Needless to say, that project will take more than one night. Happy birthday Trev.

I want you to meet Granny

Granny is visiting but stays up the road at Nana's house so it was a treat to have her here at our house for Trevan's birthday. When they came over Haven was sure to introduce her to all of her siblings saying, "hey, so and so (Payten, Brayden, etc.), this is my Granny. Granny this is my brother/sister." As if they didn't know one another! Haven is ever the hostess. She was even sure to put on her party dress when it was time for Trev's party. Thanks Haven. It takes the pressure off Mom to have you around.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A different kind of bike riding

Off and on through the years Spencer has had motorcycles.  Since he has totaled two of them we are not in the market for a third (at least I keep saying we're not), but this one is also on loan from the friend in Washington State so Spencer and the kids are making the most of it. Whenever the kids hear the bike coming they start screaming, "I want a ride with Daddy", and the carnival ride line ensues.  He just takes them up and down our streets which leaves them begging for more.  I used to never watch them because it truly did make me nervous but I have to admit, once I saw them wrap their whole bodies around his before he would even take off and then come back down the driveway with the hugest grins on their faces...I guess there just is something about a biker boy, especially if it's your Daddy.

Up Up and Away

Ah, remember the days? The weather here has been super since the passing of hurricane Ike and I LOVE IT! We are outside a lot and the kids are outside even more than I am which always makes life pick a word to describe that! Anyways, put together beautiful weather and a bubble blowing machine and you get some happy kids. When I see them get caught up in moments like these I get that throw back feeling of being 5 again. Enjoy it while it lasts little ones! I sure do enjoy you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend fun(cont.)

Of all the kids, I think Brayden enjoys going fast with the wind in his hair the most.  He could have been a dog in his past life because he's the one who I catch putting his head out of the window of the moving vehicle the most.  Forget seatbelts!  I just try to keep him in the car!  And little Haven is our mermaid.  Just a few weeks ago she began swimming from the side of the pool to Mom with no floaties!  She has to have goggles on though because eveyone knows that for some reason your legs and arms don't work the same if your not wearing goggles!  As you can see, it wore them all out which made for an easy bedtime.  Thank you Daddy for the fun day.

Labor Day Weekend Fun

 The family got to take out the jet ski that has been loaned to us for the next two years or so by some amazingly kind friends who had to be temporarily relocated to Washington state.  Needles to say, we are taking advantage of their genorosity.  All the kids love the water.  We combined it with a fun fast toy and we had ourselves a great time.  Even Haven got brave this trip out!  I am always happy for fun days when a Mom gets to feel like we are helping make everlasting memories.  They help overshadow the days of chore hounding and picking!  I love giggling children and happy faces!