Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back To School! (and blogging!)

I know you are all falling out of your chairs right now to see that I am acually blogging! It's been made painfully clear that I am not a summer blogger. However, although it's been a ridiculously long time and there have been important posts that I will have to catch up on (i.e. B's prom and graduation, the boys trip to WA with my parents and sister, our Utah trip etc.), I'm starting with where we are at now and will insert older blogs along the way. Deal? So where are we at now?

Well I'm at home with just Little Ella while these little monkeys are filling their brains.

The boys started school this past Monday and my kids were very excited to go. We requested their teachers this year and as far as first impressions go, I think we may have hit the jack pot! Rylan is always ready and willing to see what new and exciting things he can learn. Trevan was just as excited as him this year. He more so likes seeing what new kids he's going to meet. He kept telling me that he was "nervous cause he was so excited." Little Brayden on the other hand was so nervous that it made him sick. I felt so badly for him but couldn't do anything other than urge him on and tell him he was going to do great!

And I know I'm a goober with the matching clothes thing but I just can't help it. My Mom used to do this to my older sisters and I. We may have complained at times but the truth is that I look back on it and remembering feeling special that I got to dress like them. None of the boys have ever complained to me about it before but this year when Rylan saw my plan unfold he simply gave me one of those "Mooooom" moments. We'll have to see what I can get away with next year!

Haven started her half day Pre-K class on Thursday. She has been beyond excited to go and for the first two days it has lived up to her every expectation.

Is this an excited face or what?!?!

So with all the siblings off to shool Payten Ella gave sister one more hug and we went home. Just the two of us. Weird huh?