Monday, January 2, 2012

Paper Airplane Battles

Thank you Auntie Jen for making me take the time to remember how to log in to blogger! We had a lot of fun with our paper airplane Christmas gift and are pretty confident we kicked all ya all's booties! Now I just have to see if I can remember how to upload a video! But pictures first.

Ellie girl got creative with her airplane and her outfit!

Gracie's favorite part was the stickers. She can make one pretty plane.

Brayden made a plane cause everyone seemed to being having fun but he already had a secret weapon. As he put it in the video, "I'm going to show everyone that I don't stand. I sit". All the while as he flew his electronic helicopter. Electronics beat paper any day when it comes to BW.

Out of all the kids Trevan got into it the most. He worked hard following all of the instructions in the booklet to make several different types and then tried them all out but then settled on his own invention. He's always been my more artsy one.

Rylan Jake walked up and checked things out and made his own style. It took him about 3 minutes.

In case you didn't notice, I said that out of all of the KIDS T-bird got into it the most but this is the guy who enjoys anything having to do with airplanes the most so he is the take all competitor of who was the most into it! He folded and refolded and creased and recreased and tested out different weighting techniques and flight launch sites etc. Dadio made it super fun for all of us!

And then the real fun began. Everyone took a bunch of test flights.

And Brayden doing things his own way. (Clearly disqualified from the competition but he had fun!)

Payten Ella even caught some air

And T-bird got it all the way to the door during his test flights!

When Dadio found himself being beat by the boys he had to try some new tactics.

And then it went out the door.

Enough of the practice flights I say! On with the competition! And the winner is...

Of course the winner is Rylan Jake! The one that spent all of 3 minutes on his build! Spencer measured it and it was 28 feet. Good one huh?

But the perseverance award goes to Trevan Spencer. He stayed up until midnight perfecting his design and wound up with many flights like these...

We had so much fun! Who knew that paper airplanes could be so many hours and hours and hours and hours of fun? The Washburn family did that's who! We love you!