Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cuties

Let me start with telling you all that it is not that we no longer consider Bryan one of our christmas cuties but instead that he was in California visiting one his friends this Christmas Sunday. Post with B to come shortly. :)

I've finally come to the realization that Christmas is only a week away. As of Friday we had yet to put up our tree. The only decorations we had showing we had any Christmas spirit at all were the cute things the kids had brought home from school or the coloring pages that Ella has doodled. Last week when I was out shopping during the school day we saw a special someone and it kicked me more into gear. And the girls too!

Our friendly Haven had no problem at all cuddling up to the big guy.

Or letting him know her specifics. It all did catch her off guard for a moment and she couldn't remember what to ask him for. As you can see she was deep in thought and all in all it was a successful Santa visit.

She never leaves a friendly soul without a hug and Santa was happy to oblige.

Little Ellie is the shy one. I was pretty sure she would get close to Santa but I didn't think she would actually talk!

When she got up the gumption to speak the first thing she said to Santa was, "I'm sorry I cut my sisters hair and that she cut mine. Am I on the naughty list?" (As you can see I kept my disappointment in them well hidden... NOT!) Santa used the phrase I wish I had when I scolded them for it. He said to Ella, "Baby I would love you if you were bald. And Jesus does too." Could you ask for a better Santa?

After being reassured that she was not on the naughty list even though he had put Swiper on it, even she was happy to leave him with a hug. (She's watched Dora's Christmas special just a few times!)

And here's another cutie. He's getting kind of old to like being called a cutie but I can't help it. With those big eyes that show right through to his amazingly sweet heart; cutie is still a good word for him. Rylan is growing up so fast lately. He hit the double digits this year and while he may not be growing up in size too quickly, he's turning into an amazing young man. We love our Jakey boy.

And Rylan loves his Chu-chi who LOVES him right back. It's the classic little boy with his dog relationship that should go down in history.

And here is our handsome Trevan. Trev turned eight this year and enjoyed all the amazement and wonder that went with that. He's also such a sweet heart with a soft spot for the girls.

Not those kind of girls!

These girls!

He's so good with them. And they look so cute together.

Trevan loves climbing trees whether it be for fun or for posing. He's such an easy happy boy. Love this kid!

And then we have our Brady Boy. LOVE BRADY BOY! He brings a lot of excitement and laughter into our lives. He's so so smart and comes up with the funniest things to talk about. He's till very independent and steers clear of loud noises and crowds but Trevan and him are best buddies. We're so very thankful for that.

Big boy Brayden turned seven this year and already can't wait to turn eight. I think he just always wants to be just like Trevan. If he only knew how much we adore him just the way he is!

Oh Gracie girl.

How we love our Gracie girl. Ever full of energy and life. Never ending friendship and love. She's such a fun fun girl.

She's always growing up way fast. Too fast. I can't believe she will be five in only a month and a half! We waited so long for her and now it's going by way too fast.

She started a half day pre-k program this year and LOVES it. Mrs. Salazar is the perfect young child teacher. All of the kids have had her and we look forward to her rounding it out with Payten Ella next year.

Payten Ella. What do we say about her that we haven't said a dozen times before. She's an angel.

I do have to admit however, that we really aren't in denial about the fact that she is "the" baby. And to the fact that we treat her as such and is entitled to every spoiling and baby-ing privaledges that comes along with it.

We are holding onto every bit of our baby that we can. Just look at those cute little fingers and hands!

And that smile! Ellie baby... we love you! Very very much!

We love all of our Christmas cuties. Very very much. We stop and think of all of you. Most who are soooo far away and how much we love you too. So very very much. And we can't say enough how much we love our Savior Jesus Christ who gives us the very reason we celebrate this Christmas season and the very reason we are able to celebrate our eternal love for all of our dear family and friends. Love love love... so very very much.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another One

So here I am doing another embarrassing no picture blog. EMBARRASSING. I swear it is against the rules and I am committing some major crime but here goes.
I'm going to be honest and say that it has been a very trying couple of months. Personal struggles meant to strengthen me seem to... not. Family pains near and far are to this very moment causing me to shed too many tears. I miss you all so very very much. Even little ones who I never get to see or got to see. I miss. I miss. I miss. But one thing rings loud and clear over and over again. I love . I love . I love. So very very very much.
I wish far away wasn't sooo far away and that "in the next couple of months", much less the eternities, didn't take so long to get here. I love you all. A lot.