Friday, November 13, 2009

We're Alive!

So I figure everyone has figured me for dead but I'm here to say that I AM ALIVE! WE ALL ARE! My card reader in the printer is not working so I can't upload any pictures. So I just figured that meant that I couldn't blog. But my dear oldest sister let me know this morning that just because I can't upload any pictures doesn't mean I can't leaver a note telling everyone that we are here and doing well. Very well. Actually. Many great and happy things have been going on which I will blog about soon because my husband has promised to fix my card reader situation this week end. I'm sure he will keep this promise do or die because it was made to my second oldest sister who is about a month away from delivering her seventh child and advised him that he did not want to make a crazy hormonal lady upset! And I don't either! Expect a blog this week end sweet people. Until then know that we are alive and doing very very well. We love you all!